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    October 31, 2018



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    Ever imagined that every human is made up of the same organs, and same features. No special powers come to any individual, and thus physically there is no difference in the anatomy of a human body other than DNA and Hormones.

    Scientifically Hormones and DNAs are not responsible for your logical reasoning and mental ability. Yet we keep on connecting the heredity dots, and try to convince ourselves with a myth that, “It runs in the family”. Yes, it is a myth and there is no valid structure that can be constructed between nature and blood. Then how come we tend to act and speak like our families?

    There is n number of things, that you will find your parents or guardians do and you might follow the same ways in the near future. In many occasions, it has been seen that the father blaming every other driver on the road for not following traffic rules or being reckless or complaining about his driving skills. Has it ever occurred to you that a mistake done by someone else will infuriate you whereas you will have a logical excuse for every wrong move you might make? If you are among those kids whose father did the same ways, a few years later, you might look at yourself in the driver’s seat and making more or less the same statements.

    Now let us know how these habits or nature gets transferred:

    There are various factors that make a man what he is at the age of maturity. His habits, his perception depends heavenly on where he was a brought up and what kind of world he was shown. You might have heard of the famous song that sings, “Heaven is a Place on Earth”? If our world has heaven, then the same goes for hell too. When the planet is hosting both the sides of sanity then it is evident that we all share a “varied” brought up.

    When a kid is born, the first thing which a kid absorbs is his surroundings and his parents. Yuval Noah Harari, the famous writer of The Sapiens said in one of his chapters that, ‘It takes an entire village to raise a kid’ and this is a hardcore fact.

    You might have seen some kids at school who do not obey any law of respect or courtesy, and you blame their parents for such upbringing. No doubt the parents are one to blame at but there is more to this. One of the major reasons where parents fail to impart good habits to such kids is “the society where they live in” and “the kind of company the kid is getting”. Remember kids are like saplings when they are young, they can be-be shaped the way you want, but once the roots are firm then you won’t be able to control them in any way.


    It is not only the textbooks and the board of education which matters. Here, the teachers are the biggest influencer whom the kids look forward to. Helping and imparting are two very different things, and the kids tend to learn to behave and understand from the school only. Now, for them, the teachers are the most knowledgeable person in the world, and they are right in every way.

    If the teacher comes out to carry some ill manners or he or she treats children badly, more likely the kid will start following him or her blindly. For them, teachers are a power who holds the supreme authority. They do not believe that the teachers are merely doing their jobs, and hence they give them the highest place in their minds.

    Now if your kid does not have a teacher who behaves like an intelligent gentleman then the skies are still grey overhead. You must keep a check on it.

    Since the early ages are the most critical, because psychologically it is the first 7 years which shape the kids, and the rest of his life depends on how he spent those 7 years of his life. Now, this is the reason why the personas are of so many types, despite having the same body constituents. This is the reason why an entire race is dragged into a blame game when only one of them commits something bad. This is why we represent a sir-name, and that is why we stay cautious about respect and integrity because we are never alone, but we carry a legacy, good or bad, but represent our world to the world.

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