Try these 3 Secret Places For Your Next Himachal Visit

  • Try these 3 Secret Places For Your Next Himachal Visit

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    February 20, 2019



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    Tired of visiting the same old tourist flocked, commercialized, and hustle-bustle hill stations like Manali, Shimla, Dalhousie, and Dharamshala?

    But wait! The beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh has a lot more to offer. If you have been wondering to escape from the hush-rush of your life and land up in a quiet, secluded and peaceful place for some days, there are amazing spots. While here you can spend quality time with your family and friends, you will get the best out of nature. Yes, you just need to gear for the off the beaten track travel and explore these new places.


    You cannot miss on the last inhabited village which is at a height of 3450 metres in the Kinnaur district. Being a small village, Chitkul, lies near the Indo-Tibet border. Do you know it is the last location one can travel in India without a permit? When you visit here, you would probably stay at Sanglaand can visit river Baspa, a constant companion on this journey.


    • Awe-inspiring surroundings
    • Snow clad mountains
    • Varying hues of mustard fields, apple orchards, and vegetation.
    • A temple which is believed to be 500 years old.

    Tirthan Valley

    When all you want to experience is nature’s heaven,it is the place which lies 1600 metres from the Tirthan River. At Tirthan Valley you will be thrilled with the sound of bone chilling water which makes it perfect for travellers who love to go for the path less taken. You will enjoy a number of activities like camping, trout fishing, and much more adventurous stuff. And if you are lucky enough to spot one, you may find rainbow or brown trout in the glacial waters.


    • Trekking and overnight camping in the dense forest.
    • Multiplicity of adventurous activities available.
    • Go for rock climbing, jumaring, rappelling, river crossing, mountain biking, night treks, archery and kayaking.

    Try this one of the most beautiful eco-tourism valleys in the country!
    Prashar Lake

    Located about 49 odd KMs north of Mandi, this mesmerizing spot is grabbing attention across the nation. Prashar Lake liesat an altitude of 2730 Mtrs and is a popular, offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh. While the depth of the lake is not known, people visited here can’t stop visiting it over and over again for the peace it offers.


    • Surrounded by green colors it is topped with a varied variety of flowers in the monsoon.
    • In winters this surreal lake is covered with white carpet of snow, making it a like a jewel-studded and shining place.
    • You can go for camping near the lake.
    • It can be easily done over an extended weekend.

    So with this marks an end to your search for some offbeat hilly places. These are not so common tourist areas, but have a lot more to offer.Which are you going to try!

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