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    November 6, 2018



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    UCall it Rajni Sir v/s SRK or 543 crores v/s 200 crores. Clearly, entertainment does not come cheap to these industry giants. Undoubted they have attracted every single individual in the country with the miraculous visual effects in the presentation. SRK who plays a role of a dwarf named Baua and Rajni Sir as Chitti is winning hearts across the nation.
    ROBO 2.0
    In the past, it has been seen that Rajinikanth’s movie is not less than a god’s appearance to the mass and thus many employers observe the day of release as an official holiday so the staff can go for the film with their family. The southern part of India has more screens than the total screens in the rest of India, and this clearly portrays the love for cinema in that part of the country.
    The making of these two films was not less critical than building a rocket for Mars. Double Negative, who catered only Hollywood films in the past like Avengers, Pacific Rim and many more, sets their feet in Bollywood with this benchmark film under the direction of Shankar whose past films were Sivaji the Boss, Jeans, Indian, Robot and many more. The VFX team has been working for more than 18 months on the visual effects and the pipeline they followed was the one that is usually used by Hollywood films. The preproduction went for more than a year and the production was too extensive and calculative.
    VERDICT: Visually enthralling and clearly a larger than life canvas. Chitti has got some new upgrades and all looks more than exciting with the South Indian Masala treatment, as the trailer suggests and we also got the robot’s female companion or say love interest(maybe) so there will be some nostalgic moments to relive the era when it’s prequel was released. If looked from a south Indian film perspective, it looks awesome and I can easily give a 4.5 star to the trailer and suggest a “must watch” for everyone who loves action and entertainment with the swag factor. The VFX seems a big disappointment because coming from such a big house that created The Wonder Woman and Avengers, this kind of look and feel was not expected from them. The same results could have been achieved by any other house in the country. If compared to other films like Bahulabi, “MAKUTA FX” delivered much better output than 2.0 in the past. All in all, it’s an exciting film and one would love the time spend with Chitti.
    RED CHILLIES is one of those companies that have always created something revolutionary for the Indian Audience and it is the only company in Indian Film Industry that does not believe in “Capitalization” but in “Innovation”. It is the same production house that came up with Main Hoon Na stop motion actions and then fans where SRK’s replica was just flawless. Turning Baua into a dwarf required more than thousand Roto Artists, around 200 paint artists and the same amount of compositors to bring Baua into life.
    VERDICT: Zero comes up with something “awestruck” expression. Shahrukh looks amazingly awesome, the VFX so real that the trailer does not distract you with its quality rather you start believes that SRK is a dwarf in nature. The story seems retrospective and with Cerebral Palsy affected Anushka Sharma’s character provides a new angle and treatment to the usual Bollywood love story plots. The story is generating an amazing appeal with Katrina’s brat nature will be something new to look at. We have seen her in sweet cute or at max in a sexy avatar, but this time Katrina will be showing more than that. The Tanu Weds Manu director has always presented something new to the nation, and there is a high expectation from him. Shah Rukh has invested both time and heart to this project and expects something larger than life results from this movie and clearly, the trailer deserves a 4.5 Star.
    This year, ends with a bang.

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