Top 10 Fashion Bloggers To Follow If You Wish To Be In-Style

  • Top 10 Fashion Bloggers To Follow If You Wish To Be In-Style

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    February 28, 2019



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    Want to look stylish just like your favorite celebs?

    As far as the famous stars are concerned, they hire a professional designer to manage their wardrobe and appear trendier. Of course, this is not in everyone’s budget as you would require a substantial balance in your account. But this never means you cannot follow the expert’s advice and the trendy ideas. Wondering how?

    The answer is with keeping yourself updated with the latest fashion. And this is possible by following the best fashion bloggers across the country. These stylists are now frequently conveying their style to the audience through various means. From sharing the beautiful images and videos of voguish apparels and accessories to devoting time in writing down tips and techniques to slay, these bloggers have a lot to offer.

    • Need to explore the fashion realm?
    • Want to learn the best ways to wear any outfit?
    • Or you just wish to improve your confidence level while trying something different?

    The solution is following some of the best bloggers across the nation and stay tuned with the latest fashion trends. Here is the list of some of the best fashion bloggers to follow:

    Devina Malhotra


    Just like many of us, she loves to write, shop and takes food photographs. And with this she is the owner of a popular fashion blogs. Earlier she was a writer for Tehelka, Hindustan Times and many other publications. Being a keen reader she followed several international blogs and websites. What confused her was that why skinny, thin girls end up guiding what a curvy woman should wear. How can they understand someone else’s body type? For this she came up with –GuiltyBytes. Devina, a full-time digital marketing professional, a social media strategist, and a blogger has collaborated with the best of the brands in the country. Though her blog she has been fueling her audience and many brands.

    Mehak Ghai


    If you are seeking for bridal online shopping ideas, you will love Mehak’s work. She is the founder of fashion blog- ‘Peaches & Blush’, and is selling bridal stuff with name – Brides by Peaches & Blush. Juggling with two demanding careers, she initiated the blogging part in 2010.

    Anshita Juneja


    You might have read about ‘Vanity No Apologies’, Anshita is the editor and founder of the same. After doing Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Delhi, she started this blog in December of 2010. She has been presenting all her work throughout the blog which receives more than 800,000 visits per month.

    Ankita Chaturvedi


    While she started her blogging journey in January 2011, at the same time she has pursuing her Bachelors at IIT Bombay. It was her love for makeup and beauty which made her choose the online community as a medium. When done with her engineering degree in 2012, she invested her time in building Corallista, which is a one-stop destination for beauty lovers today. You can get a quick glance of comprehensive looks and tutorials online. Plus, she shares useful reviews on skincare, makeup, and several hair and body care products.

    Gia Kashyap


    In 2010 she started with Youtube. However, later she shifted to blogging and start making the creatives for her blog “Giasaysthat”. Now you can view some of the most awesome content and visuals here. Her approach towards fashion is fun and might be a little narcissistic. The entire section is dedicated to ‘Budget shopping’. You will love it.

    Kritika Khurana


    She is not only a famous fashion blogger but owner of an e-commerce store THE HYPE which has her own label – K_Kritika. Having a degree in Fashion & Design from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, she loves Bohemian fashion. Being a fan of Swarovski jewellery, she readily offers experimental stuff with panache. If you love clean and elegant looks, her blog is for you.

    Akansha Redhu


    Offering the best of fashion advice, she personally writes all the posts. From fashion to beauty to trends to food, Akanshahas a lot to share. Besides the ideas, inspirations, daydreams, and projects,the fashionistahas constantly evolved.

    Shalini Chopra

    The beautiful blogger from Bangalore owns ‘Stylish by nature’. Shalini was always slanted toward fashion and for this she named her blog the same way. It is all about fashion, Bollywood, beauty, food, and events. In most of her blogs you will find her asking the audience not to be biased towards brand shopping. It is her belief that some of the best stuff is found through street shopping. What’s your take on this?

    Aashna Shroff


    While she owns an online store ‘The Snob Shop’, she is also the editor and founder of the beauty blog- “the snob journal”. Her approach to fashion is unique which is quite clear from her blog. You will get to know the best of beauty tips and design ideas. The best part is that she has worked with brands like Koovs, L’oreal, Nykaa, Vero Moda, Body Shop and many more.You will get lot things to revamp your closet.

    Aayushi Bangur


    When you need a style-book of scriptures, Aayushi Bangur’s famous beauty and fashion blog named Style drive is to be trusted. For every fashion enthusiast there is something helpful. The photographs which are taken in the neighborhoods of South Bombay are apt to create the required magic.

    Lastly, fashion blogging has turned out to be a perfect way to interact with all fashion lovers. In case, you have apt knowledge of this industry and interest to share with others, you can head start now.

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