The 21-Year old Boy, who is about to shake the world with his advanced AI INNOVATION?

  • The 21-Year old Boy, who is about to shake the world with his advanced AI INNOVATION?

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    October 31, 2018



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    How often you have seen that a story teller or a painter or a movie maker has inspired science to take a leap. In fact a lot of times it has happened. Once what we saw in Star Wars, which was embedded with flying cars, augmented reality glasses and contact lenses with extra ordinary digital capabilities are now becoming reality. The youth leaders who managed to stunk the world with their ideas like google and facebook, they are creating a special place in their umbrella where innovations are being produced. You would not know but Google is actually developing, flying cars, augmented reality glasses and contact lenses that can detect diabetes. They have a special branch for it and named as, Google X. This is not all, its not only Google that is trying hands on something so high tech.

    It was few years ago when a Spanish telco giant @Telefonica gave borsht o Alpha, an extra ordinary lab in Barcelona that is staffed with 100 people, who are working silently on innovative technology which can hammer a dent impact on the world. The person who is responsible for all these is Pascal Weinberger and he is just 21.

    Weinberger was born in Germany and like every prodigy in the world, he is also a self taught computer programmer. He chose to drop to from the college as by the age of 15 he already fed himself with remote courses in programming from MIT. He was also on the board with Google’s Brain Team where he was working on Image Translation and worked in tech investing.

    Now he is looking for ways to approach machine learning in a way to build “empathic” ethical software that can become a stream of revenue for Telefonica in near future and an entire generation can be a part of it.

    Weinberger’s AI team is working on building something completely different. They are working on a software that can track an individual’s decisions, and will help you to take a wiser one to make things healthy. For the time being, they are calling it, ‘’Alpha Moonshot”.

    Weinberger in one of his statement to Forbes said that, “Almost all consumer-driven tech is the bad guy on your shoulder,” says Weinberger, whew he refers to the famous cartoon image of the protagonist that portrays a devil and an angel pursuing them to make decisions. He continues, “The Web offers a wealth of free online services that are designed to not only be addictive, but promote constant consumption, We are trained by everything to consume more. What we’re trying to do is balance it out by building the ‘good guy’ on your shoulder. It will be a service that monitors your decision making and day-to-day life, and from that it helps you make better decisions and live a healthier life,” says Weinberger.“It’ll understand that you’re eatingchocolate because you’re frustrated and try to give you an alternative path.”

    Telefonica will be taking a rough 5 years to develop and reach the final stage before they can indulge themselves into commercial viability. He shared his stance over SIRI the AI feature which is available with every apple smart phone and complains that when you are sad or happy, the Siri will keep on reply only on the basis of word inputs, but not on the nature of your mood.

    If you know the development made by google on the image recognition platform where they have managed to achieve accuracy to as accurate as a human. Google’s inception API) is one of the most popular online tool where it is capable to understand what image is being shown to it by depending on it neural network. The challenge with such such algorithms are that they are extensively bast and complicated. Weinberger’s team is developing an algorithm that would be both precise and explainable.

    Every Marvel fan craves to posses JARVIS under his sleeves and it will be like a dream come true to get a companion who understands you without commitment and complains. That is the real beauty of the concept.

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