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    October 31, 2018



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    You are standing in the middle of the city with the largest zebra crossing of the city to cross. In one of the cities in your country which is known for its fast-paced life and time is calculated as money. It is been more than a minute, still, the signal is red for the pedestrians and you are just watching the cars passing by because no one is waiting for you at home.

    The weekend is approaching, and you don’t have extra bucks to spare at pubs or to plan a short trip. The wallet has been empty for many years and the career started with a snail pace. You cannot blame your parents for not giving enough money to have a comfortable life. Life is shit and every single day you are walking over a fifty feet crap, and there is no end of the road, and what scares you the most is the road do not seem to have any green further.

    Now let’s be sexist. Let’s bring the issues I follow, I do not know about others but I have some issues and hoping I am not the lone alien in the country or in the world who is going through this. Maybe one of the reasons to write this is to find my doppelganger and as I write this, my room is echoing the sounds of the song composed by Allan Walker, “Alone”.

    Oh yes, I am a film bug and not with the general knowledge about the films or like an encyclopaedia-like which film has got what and what the director did to bring that million dollars shot on screen. But I always have a playlist back in my mind which keeps on playing and exactly knows what to play according to the mood. May this is one of the reason, I never go beyond the borders of SADNESS as the neighbouring state of depression is filled with mines and I try to be a minesweeper.

    Maybe it’s true that to fight for your dreams one has to be fearless and has to sacrifice a lot or one has to be fucking lucky. No one knows the secret to success and life does not come with a road map and hence it’s like a cockfight where the survival is literally depending upon how you fight, the only difference is in the human life the fight is cold and civilized. The only weapon we have got is our brain and an instinct to take the right decision. So we were talking about the men’s world which is pretty gruesome in many occasions.

    To start with, if you are born as a boy the foremost thing which is expected of you is you are supposed to be emotionless and you can’t be ruled by anyone in the world. A man, who is known as a good team leader and earns well and can fight, would not get influenced by his wife in the decisions but listen to his parents all the time and has more than six inches of a hard genital to satisfy, is the real definition of a man.

    That is just the list of others, now comes the self-respect thing, and a man’s self-respect depends upon his height, weight, size, bank balance, car, mobile phone, spectacles, hairdo, house, pen, watch and every materialistic thing you can think of.

    So we have so many reasons to hate you, and please make sure I am not complaining or comparing. Just standing in front of the mirror and writing this down. Of course, not all men are the same and especially mostly those who represent our country in front of the world on national stages majorly in the sports category.

    Trust me; I get mood swings when I am unable to buy a thing on Flipkart because already the salary distribution list is all ready before it would be debited in my account. I keep on comparing myself with others and have a very less influence of novels and autobiographies. I hardly watch documentaries and the least interest in knowing the life sufferings of less fortunate people and would rather ignore those who went from rags to riches. It’s not about ignorance, it’s about self-finger pointing. I would rather wake up in a suite which is not meant for me but I cannot see what I am beneath because of it virtually dark so no sense of searching for coals in the dark. Yes, I have so much of logic to argue with that I won’t be able to answer even a single question if put on me as an argument needs a platform to stand on, and I have many which change as per my needs and comfort. I have the ability to turn any accusation with a power called, “RAISE YOUR VOICE AND WIN THE CHAOS”.

    Last but not the least; I am least bothered about you as I have a load of responsibility to take care of in my bucket list. So that gives me the power to compare you in the most unjust balance and proof the RHS is me and the value is way bigger than yours, and yeah recently the feminism is trying to make the equation balanced but hey what about the male integration which ends up at infinity. Oh, shucks, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Mr. Nobody with balls. So manly it is, yeah! I do get mood swings too…

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