Rain Washed Away the Tears

  • Rain Washed Away the Tears

    Published on:

    October 31, 2018



    Category: Interesting Lifestyle

    Sky is Also Crying in My Pain
    Floating Tears of My Eyes
    Hidden in This Season’s Unexpected Rain

    Amidst This Sorrow Soaked Sky, Never Ending Night and Deserted Street
    Trying to find Why Did Someone Cheat
    The Dark Hour is Full of Lamentation and Fear
    Seeing Smudged Love Letters Triggers Flooded Tears

    With Street Lights Getting Dim, Teary Eyes Can’t Find the Way
    Were You a Predator Or I a Prey?
    Oh! You Gloomy Sky
    Fault is Mine, Why Do You Cry?
    Who Thought That the Journey Would End This Way?
    But that’s the Price of Falling in Love One Has to Pay…

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