Outdoor Survival Tips if You Don’t Want to Die in Wilderness

  • Outdoor Survival Tips if You Don’t Want to Die in Wilderness

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    May 30, 2019



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    Imagine you are stuck in the jungle without food and shelter amidst the rough weather, and ferocious beasts sensing you. And remember, your phone battery has run out. What would you do? Either you succumb to conditions or use outdoor survival tips to deal with troubles. Yes, you would go for the latter as no one wants to be worn out by hunger or fell prey to animals. Therefore, you must know basic survival skills to save your life in the wilderness till the rescue team locate you or you find the way out. Be its searching food or give your survival signs, this handful of tricks must be in your mind to keep yourself up while facing scarcity of essential things and dangers outdoors.

    Make Fire:
    Needless to say, fire is the first condition for your survival. It not only cooks your food but also gives you warmth and keeps away animals from you. Plus, it shows your sign to rescuers. For building a fire, you need Tinder (dry sticks, leaves, twigs, papers, barks, fabrics) to start the fire following by Kindling (slightly larger than tinder), and Wood Logs. Consider yourself lucky if you have matchbox or lighter with you. If not, be best at your patience and try hand drill, magnifying glass, battery, and wool, or rubbing stone together (tested trick since early man’s time).

    Build Your Shelter:
    Building fire is just the beginning. You need well-insulated shelter to survive rain, wind, snow, and sleet. Most of the people died on losing their body temperature rather than from starvation and dehydration. For building the shelter, choose the driest spot or the high ground away from water flowing direction and insects. However, a fallen tree with leaning branches is the best solution in an emergency. Make a heap of dried leaves and moss inside a bed to keep yourself insulated from cold grounds.

    Find Your Food:
    Forget about your food likes and dislikes as the jungle has its own menu including edible plants, roots, insects, berries, fishes, bird’s egg, etc. Among them, edible plants are easily available like grass, cattail, clovers, and fireweeds. Avoid eating poisonous plants which have milky sap, spines, thorns, yellow berries, beans, mushrooms, umbrella-shaped flowers, almond scents, grain heads, bitter or soapy taste.

    Find Water:
    You have a maximum of three weeks to survive without food. But without water, it can be a day or two. That’s why water is a crucial necessity to stay alive in a wilderness. First, try to locate the nearby water sources by listening to sounds resembling water. Besides, frog’s crocking; water birds (kingfishers, seabirds, flamingos) presence; and insect hoarding can be the good hints. You can find water by digging into damp soil or green vegetation patches to take out muddy water to be filtered. Several trees like bamboo or grapevine store water in their stems and you can take it out by slashing those stems.

    You must try to signalling others about your presence. It may be a rescue team or local passer-by help you get out of the wilderness. You only need to show your signs to them by raising smoke, flashing mirrors or reflective objects, and spreading clothing on the ground or tree as a symbol. However, if you lack them, use natural material for signalling like building a heap of rocks or trees for casting shadows.

    So these are some of the basic yet important outdoor survival skills to save your life. But one thing that matters the most is your courage and calm.What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below.

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