How To Stay “Productive” At Work While Feeling Depressed?

  • How To Stay “Productive” At Work While Feeling Depressed?

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    March 25, 2019



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    “Don’t let Depressions as your motivation to perform even the simplest of tasks. Always motivate yourself to tackle bigger challenges”

    Again, it’s time to get out of your bed, put your feet on the floor, and start your daily activity to get ready for your office and reach on time. Sometimes, you even wish you could take a leave, but for some reasons, you can’t. At times, you might feel depressed, but staying productive is all that you need.

    So, how can you boost yourself to stay active?How would you ensure yourself to get the most out of every day? In order to complete your tasks on time with quality in order to keep your evenings and weekends free to relax.

    Well, there are lots of ways to stay productive at work even if you are depressed. Below mentioned are the 6 tips to stay active and focused while at your desk.
    Breaks are a Necessity
    Taking short breaks on time is the ideal thing you can do to avoid depression. Taking short breaks can diminish your anxiety and boost feel-good chemicals in your brain, for example, dopamine. Moreover, it fortifies your memory and executive functions. So, for people who are depressed, their brains are already loaded, and for them, breaks are actually needed.
    Exercise/ Workout is a Must
    There are various innovative ideas to have fun at work and as we all know that exercise is the best for your physical and mental health, always start your day with a brisk walk or a jog. This can spark up your energetic mood that you need for work. In fact, there are many offices who follow the practice of starting the day with a powerful activity like – 10-15 minute dance or exercising activity.  So, never skip that as it’s a perfect way to stay active and focused.
    Deep Breathing
    It’s a kind of good practice, and easy-to-do activity while you are working. It will enable you to feel less worried over the long period. Breathe into the count of four and breathe out to the count of four. Do this repetitively, and it will become your habit. While doing this, you can even listen to some soothing background music to calm your brain.
    Personalize Your Workspace
    Staying positive at work is the utmost thing. Create a motivational and happy space at work that always reminds you to be positive. And, if there’s a window near your space, then get a plant for yourself. Place a few happy pictures of you or from whom you get inspired. Create or decorate your space on your own with the help of colorful sticky notes, or colored pens. So that when you get discouraged, just take a look at them and get rejuvenated instantly. The internet will easily provide your various tips on how to improve your work place to become more productive at work.
    Simply Ditch if You Get Stuck
    It happens most of the time that out of your to-do list of tasks, you’ll without a doubt come across a few things that you can’t finish. Therefore, if you’re stuck, simply leave it, sit back, relax, and move on to the next. You may get inspired later on to return to that difficult task.
    Cut Out Background Noise
    Make sure when you start up with your work, there should be no noise around to distract you. Still, if the noise continues, listen to music during your work by applying headphones to cut out the background noise. Make sure you listen to light-hearted music as too heavy or distracting songs can hamper your work.

    Thus, lighten up yourself and say “bye-bye” to depression with these 6 effective tips.

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