How To Improve Your Workplace?

  • How To Improve Your Workplace?

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    March 29, 2019



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    1. Hang your ‘Headphones’:

    While working in an office, you must have come across ‘space problems’. There are so many stuff, a monitor, keyboard, mouse, notepads, keys and much more making your desk cluttered enough. Earphones are a best friend to a worker and most of us want them to be nearby. While you’re not using your headphones, placing them safely and neatly on a wall or corkboard is simply a cool idea. You really don’t need to go to the market for this; it can be done just with few simple things like foldback clip and rubber band. Follow these steps:

    • With a rubber band, tie the handles of a foldback clip.
    • Now, pin the foldback clip against your corkboard
    • So, you are ready with an amazing decorative item, hanging your headphones on the clip.

    This frees up your working space and safeguards your lovely headphones too.

    2. Your Own ‘Charging Station’:

    One of the most annoying thing around you, are those cluttered wires. It really makes your space untidy! To your surprise, you can now easily clean up the space occupied these wires with your own charging station. A power board can help you significantly. Check how:

    • You can take a wooden box or a metal one.
    • Just place the power board inside the box.
    • For each cable, separately cut holes in the box to plug them.

    Yes, you are done with it! No more wire clutter’s around you.
    3. Mount your ‘Monitors’:

    This is probably the best solution to those who really wonder about how to free their working space? Monitor wall mounts acquire less space and offer supreme visual experience. You need to purchase a perfect mounting solution for your screen and call the expert for doing so. The other solutions which saves you money and time both is that order wall mounts online. You can fix it yourself with easy do it yourself steps.

    A large space can be freed with this solution, making it available for other important documents, accessories and much more.
    4. A Cool ‘Phone Stand’:

    A cell phone is an essential accessory, which everyone owns! Keeping your smart phones handy and safe at your workplace is now so easy. You need it for call, messages and much more than that. So, at your office desk, add a touch of quirkiness creating a cool phone stand in minutes…

    • All you need paper clips! Check how:
    • Keeping a flat 1 cm base straighten out a paper clip into a ‘V’ shape.
    • Now, measuring 4.5cm from the tips bend upwards on an acute angle
    • Make it a trapezoid, bending the tips of the ‘V’ upwards on an obtuse angle

    You are ready to place your phone safely!

    With such few simple ways of keeping your working area more clean and creative, you will also see their effect on your productivity too. You will start loving your work space again!

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