How to Improve Decision Making Capabilities

  • How to Improve Decision Making Capabilities

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    October 31, 2018



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    We are living in an era, where the world is coming up with revolutionary ideas or earning money and creating empires on them. Entrepreneurs coming from various backgrounds, with no parental resources and standing and competing with the world. What is so different about them? It is said that entrepreneurs are born problem solvers. But what goes behind solving a problem? It is a decision which makes the difference. There factors which makes the difference like:

    1. Delays in Acting:

    Decision taking is fun, if you manage to play around with it. Decision is a pure maths, where make statistics and functions on the basis of probability, and if chalked well, you might now the possible outcomes. One should be wise enough to bring the conclusion in such manner that it ends well with you, and if not then also you can always be ready with an antidote.

    Dedicate the problem with probate options to play with and work through the prose cons, risks and realistic outcomes and there you go. All you have to put aside is, ‘luck’. Do not rely much on it, as it will blind you from the practical outcomes and do not delay in acting on those decisions because they are difficult. Always remember the fact that delaying always worsen the situation. As the famous saying goes, “Sweeping problems under the rug will not help you make better decisions.

    1. Get rid of Ego and Emotions:

    You need to understand a fact that the decision making becomes difficult when you personally get involve. Personally getting involve means, how the decision will make you look and feel. Since the ball is in your court, it does not means that you have to look good, and sound good to every one. You have to make judgement call to yourself that weather you are capable enough to solve the problem objectively? If yes then prepare a list of potential causes and throw your emotion and ego on the back-burner. If taken an example, let us think hypothetically that why you business is not generating enough revenue to hit target, what could be the possible cause of it?

    • Do you have issues at positioning?
    • Are you offering a right price?
    • Are your potential customers are aware of your brand.
    • How or what can be done to solve this problem?
    • Who can be approached for advice or for a merger or for a help.

    We are capable of making great decisions if we practice to focus on the facts, rather than including personal deficiencies.

    1. Seeking an Expert:

    There are times, when you are out of ideas and have exhausted all the possible scenarios what you could have tried in this situation, now what? You might be glad to know that, entrepreneurs are very approachable, and they love to help each other. There is a high possibility of someone else faced the same situation in their life time and they know what could have gone wrong and what else can go wrong? Serve them up with your facts and pasts, since being a neutral third party, they will be the best judge to your situation and you can always come with a solution.

    1. Get ready for the JUDGEMENT DAY:

    You must face the underlying risks of the decisions you make. We name it as the Judgement Day because, if situation arise and you have to take the fall, then you must be in your conscious to absorb the fall gracefully. It might sound weird, that how come a man can tolerate the failure gracefully, it actually does not makes sense. But you falling with a situation does not solves the problem either. Always remember that there is always a tomorrow irrespective of you age and situation. There is always an alternative, may be some alternatives are hard and some can be sacrificing, but you can always come out of a situation and again prepare yourself to fight.

    If you have got everything gone wrong and it was your decision that made the situation fall, then do not end up beating yourself for it. Read, analyze and reflect on it. Make a good observation nd listen call who are accusing you of the situation, as listening to your faults will always make you stronger.

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