How a Good Smell can Affect Workplace Productivity?

  • How a Good Smell can Affect Workplace Productivity?

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    April 3, 2019



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    Are you looking for some ideas to increase productivity?

    Do you want to boost positive environment in your workplace?
    Well, it often happens that your employees start feeling tired, foggy, and sluggish. Plus, is such environ they are unable to learn, remember, plan and control emotions at work. But do you know odors do affect people’s mood, work performance and behavior in number of ways?

    Actually, for most of the people, a smell isn’t merely a fragrance. In fact, it’s a memory which they cherish in different ways. For instances, the whiff of chocolate chip cookies which reminds you baking time spent with your Mom in the kitchen, can take you back to the good old memories. Similarly, warm breeze of lavender room scent can help you sense the smell of fresh flowers in the field.

    So, these nostalgic ties can be really helpful. This means when you need to raise the growth level or want to supercharge their performance graph, you can add on some amazing fragrance oils or natural incense sticks within the workplace. Hence, here are listed few aromas which can help you achieve the desired objective;
    Lemon has been known to increase focus. In a study it was found that typos were reduced for more than 50% in the presence of a lemon scent. Actually, it is the presence of antiviral and antibacterial properties of citrus fruits which can fight colds and boost the body’s immune system. So, not only lemon, but you can also try grapefruits perfume which helps fight mental fatigue, or orange scent which eases anxiety.
    Though it is one of the most commonly used fragrances at home, yet it can now be a great addition to your office culture. Jasmine helps increase metabolism and also dispenses a subtly sweet scent. So, this highly fragrant aroma can be used to produce calmness and feelings of confidence.
    Generally, people make use of chamomile scent at home to relax during the evening. But this daisy-like plant is also known to have anti-anxiety properties. So, it makes a perfect choice and can be used to treat stress and insomnia. It will work ideally for those who had restless night and need something to boost their energy levels.
    You might have used it in your toothpaste and chewing gum. Yes, the same plant which is meant to add freshness to your breath, peppermint, is also known to help clear your mind. It is well known for boosting attentiveness. Hence, if you are organizing a seminar or a brainstorming session, you can benefit adding peppermint oil to invigorate the mind. the aroma will help your team to generate new and right ideas.
    To work efficiently, it is essential for employees inculcate good and healthy eating habits. And often in an office environment, the “2:30 crash” turns out to be a big problem. Basically, it happens due to an unbalanced lunch. Your staff consumes stuff which is high in carbohydrates and low in fiber. The simplest thing to boost healthier eating, you can introduce the aroma of cinnamon. While it helps fight mental fatigue, it will also reduce the feeling to hibernate for the next six hours.

    So, if you ever walk into your office and feel the tension so thick, you can choose any of the afore-stated scents at your workplace.

    Try with these and let us know what difference you experienced through your comments!

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