9 Fashion Tips To Beat The Summer Heat This Year

  • 9 Fashion Tips To Beat The Summer Heat This Year

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    April 8, 2019



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    Looking stylish in the summer seems to be a challenging task?

    Certainly, summer is one of the best times of the year. While the days are longer and you get to spend more time with friends and family, when it comes to dressing for parties, weddings, balls and barbeques, you might face some challenges. Yes, you guessed that right! Staying in tune with the fashion terms can be difficult in summer. Of course, it can be harder to create a ‘new’ look every day. Reason being, there isn’t much space to play with layers, jackets, and scarves.

    To help you out, here are some fantastic tips to tune with the fashion trends. Read on:

    1. Pick natural stuff: The reason to choose clothes in natural fabrics is simple- it lets your skin breathe more. Instead of a polyester or rayon top, go for cotton. As it is better at absorbing sweat and dries faster, it will help you feel free the entire day.
    2. Ward off embellishments: It will be a good idea to keep embroideries, particularly the heavy ones with beads or metals, at bay. While these weigh down your clothes, making them closer to your skin, these will be trapping body heat. Switch to patterned garments as the can add similar kind of interest to your outfit.
    3. Summer accessories: You can play safe with stuff like a wide-brimmed hat or woven scarf in your bag. These will make you feel stylish and lightweight, altogether. You can also drape the scarf over your shoulders, whenever the day is getting too much sun.
    4. Get loose: Yes, it will be better to keep your clothes loose. Actually, lesser the fabric touches your body, more comfortable will you feel. Hence, for an afternoon party go for a flowing maxi dress will make you feel cooler than a bodycon dresses.
    5. Stay structured: Wearing a flimsy fabric can make your body feel sticky. Hence, it is advised to choose a lightweight materials as these are perfect for hot weather. Also remember, that these have to follow a proper structure like embroidery or seams. If they cling, you will start sweating.
    6. Try knits: Winter weather give you many opportunities to layer and flaunt your style. But don’t worry for this summer you can go for open-weave knits. While these make you feel the cooling breeze, it will add a touch of layer gloriously.
    7. Invest in unlined: Whether you are buying a skirt, a dress, or a jacket, go for unlined items. It will prevent adding one more layer between your skin and the air. Plus, linings are often synthetic, which won’t let your skin breathe well and will make your feel trapped inside.
    8. Accessorize wisely: Cutting off from the jewelry can be quite difficult. But try to keep it minimal. For instance, you can go for earrings as they don’t really touch much of your skin. However, stuff like bracelets, necklaces, and rings can put you into trouble. This time, invest in lightweight chains which don’t stick to your skin.
    9. Carry small: It will be a right decision to ditch your backpack or large tote and choose a small cross-body or handbag. Of course, you won’t want a huge backpack stuck to your back on a hot day. Also try to clean out your bag as far as possible and add up the basics. Lesser stuff you carry around, less you will be sweaty.


    So no more worries! Summer is here to give you a great opportunity to get dressed up the way you love. Take it as a great time to have a little fun with fashion. Go and try out something new. This time when the sun is shining bright, follow these tips and look gorgeous, just the way you are.

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