6 Interesting Facts About Exercising

  • 6 Interesting Facts About Exercising

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    February 22, 2019



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    If you are a lazy lad, chances are you have been getting suggestions from all around to exercise and workout. Not only it keeps you fit and healthy, but also it increases your lifespan. This means is you wish to live a longer and happier life you need to invest some time.

    Here you need to understand that workout will not merely benefit your body but it is great for your mind too. So while it helps keep you in shape, daily exercises boost your endurance. Just have a look at some more interesting facts about workout;


    It Benefits Your Brain:
    As per a study regular workouts boost neurogenesis, a building process of new neurons in the brain. Hence, along with building abs and ripped biceps, it will benefit your brain development also. This becomes more crucial with the growing age as your brain loses its ability to release neurons as you age. Plus, doing exercise on daily basis willreduce the depression symptoms by 47%. People who are depressed could lessen their symptoms by 47% through aerobic exercise. Doing aerobic exercise at least 3 times each week will effectively reduce the symptoms of depression.

    It Makes Your Heart Stronger:
    As stated above, regular exercise will give you more energy; it further makes your heart stronger. Simply, more you exercise, more efficient it becomes at pumping blood. This in turn makes your heart stronger as it pumps more blood per beat and faster oxygen is delivered to your cells. Also it strengthens your heart muscle and reduces resting heart rate.

    It Energizes You:
    Even if workout sessions leave you tired, they actually give you more energy for the entire day. This happens due to the fact that your stamina gets boosted up and the muscles get ready for the whole day tasks. As workout triggers endorphins into your blood, it makes you more active and energized for day long.

    It Reinforces Your Immune System:
    Do you frequently fall ill? Then exercises can be helpful. It minimizes the risk of illness by reducing your cholesterol levels and balancing blood pressure, which may lead to heart disease further.

    It Works Better With Music:
    Usually, it is found that fitness enthusiast love to do it more with their earphones. There is reason behind- music makes workout easy, fun, and engaging. Hence, it translates the boring exercises into a better performance. While music distracts your mind off pain and fatigue, it makes even the high intensity workouts easier.

    It Is A Secret of Long Life:
    Just 15 minutes of workout has found to decrease the mortality risk by 14%. In few studies it was found that a cancer patient doing workout for 15 minutes every day can reduce the risk for death to 10%.

    What are you thinking now? Step into your shoes and start exercising. It is never too late!

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