5 Ways To Start Meditating For a Healthy Mind

  • 5 Ways To Start Meditating For a Healthy Mind

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    April 22, 2019



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    Meditation is not new to the world. It has been know for treating a number of physical and mental problems. From reducing depression, stress, insomnia, anxiety, to help with the treatment of diseases like HIV and cancer, it has been practiced for years. While there are several studies stating that meditation could be helpful in reversing and preventing different ailments, it is quite surprising that a large ratio of the population don’t practice it on regular basis.

    Chances are they often fail to find out the right way to start. If you are among the same, here are listed some simple and effective ways to start with meditation.

    1. Breath Awareness: Even when you are involved in some other work, you can bring some attention to your breathing for just a few moments. The best part is that it doesn’t need your full attention. Wherever you are, start breathing naturally and move towards breathing slowly and deeply. This will help you most when you are feeling stressed and scattered. Find a silent corner to take several slow and deep breaths. For best results, try imagining that you are pull all of your scattered energy and attention back.
    2. Breathing Meditation: You need to focus more on your breathing now. To begin with, choose comfortable position for you to meditate. Preferably, you should sit with your spine straight as it allows the spiritual energy to flow freely. If you feel tired, you can lean against a wall, headboard, a chair back, etc. With your hands placed in any position close your eyes and notice your breathing. You will notice the air filling your lungs and then leaving. It is normal for thoughts about family, friends, work or absolutely anything else coming up. Don’t fret over it and this is part of the process perfectly normal. All you need to do is that don’t stick to them. Let them come and drift out with your next breath. Every time your thoughts drift, it brings peace to your mind.
    3. Learn To Let Go: Another simple method involves breath awareness with the phrase or mantra- Let go. If you have been dealing with some tensed situations for long, it will be helpful. Just when you inhale, say (silently or aloud), “Let” and while you exhale, say “go”. With gradual practice you will start feeling the stress go out of you.
    4. Relaxation Meditation: This process makes use of a secret about your eyes. Do you know just by allowing the eyes to rest in a soft downward gaze can offer an automatic relaxing effect? This method has been practiced and proved to be a great tool for stress reduction. So you can use it as a quick 2 minute relax and refresh break moment whenever you required. Here is the right way to do it:
      • Sit comfortably with your spine straight.
      • Let your eyes rest comfortably downward. Here you need to gaze softly and don’t focus on anything.
      • Try not to close your eyes completely and drop your eyelids in a way it feels most comfortable.
      • Now keep on gazing downward continuously making your breathing rhythmic.

    Even if your attention drifts a bit and your eyes turn heavy, don’t stress out. Keep on trying.

    1. Walking Meditation: For those who find it difficult to sit still and keep eyes closed for meditation, this one is the answer. In this process, there are four major components:
      • Getting aware of your breathing
      • Notice the surroundings
      • Stay conscious and attentive
      • Fetch some time to reflect

    Start noticing your breath and become conscious of the air filling your lungs. Make it more interesting by noticing your surroundings. From different colors to shapes, flowers, insects and much more, you will be amazed with so much around. Listen for sounds and tune consciously to them. You can also tune into your body’s movement. After completing your walking meditation you need to come back to the normal world.

    So now you have pretty much to do, isn’t it? Get into habit of meditation and enjoy the benefits which come along.

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