5 Tips To Choose Jewellery for a Date

  • 5 Tips To Choose Jewellery for a Date

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    February 10, 2019



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    Planning for a special date?

    Whether it is first or the tenth, for girls it is all about being special. Besides picking that perfect attire for the day, there is one more thing which helps you make a difference. Yes, you guessed that right! It is about that wearing the right piece of jewellery. Not only will it accentuate the dress you wear, but also it glam up your style. Hence, while you are spending several hours planning for the right outfit, make sure to take out some time to search for special ornaments for the day. After all, you deserve to be at your best.

    So here are listed some simple tips to help you choose jewellery to jazz up your style. Have a look:
    A Romantic Touch: 

    When it is a date time, the spirit of romance will never go wrong. Feel the love in the air and let your date jewellery reflect the same. There is a huge collection available. You can choose anything soft and delicate which complements your look gracefully. These days, delicate accessories are proving to be flattering and they go well with almost any outfit. The best examples include dainty pink stone and rose gold jewellery. While these are sign of femininity and love, these further highlight the theme of romance.
    Sparkle With Simple:

    You already know that a jewellery piece can add life to your plain and simple outfit. So if you have decided on a dress which is not that glamorous, you can go for some sparkling and glittering pieces of jewellery. Now it can range from a dangly pair of earrings to a sparkly pendant.
    Consider Your Dress:

    Whenever you are out on shopping for a new piece of jewellery, make sure it goes well with your maximum number of dresses. And same for the date opt for a piece which matches well with your dress. For instance, if there is too much detail at the top, go for something simple like hoop earrings and a matching ring. But if the top is too plain, you can choose a statement necklace to mkae a difference.
    Follow One Statement Piece

    You need to understand that if it is about making a statement, you don’t need to deck up with many accessories. Only one striking piece at a time can bring the charm to your entire look. It has to be subtle and highlighting to serve as your statement piece. And remember to keep the rest of your look simple when you’re choosing a heavy, defining jewellery to wear.


    Avoid Going Overboard:

    Last but most essential strictly avoid wearing too much jewellery. You need to make most out of the least. If it is overlapping your dress and persona, you might look lost among the glitter and sparkle. So try to keep it minimal yet elegant.

    Whatever you plan to wear, consider accessorizing keeping this tips in mind. It will help you leave an ever lasting impression on your partner.Happy dating!

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