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    April 15, 2019



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    With summer holidays approaching near, it is time for the parents to be ready to face different challenge. While the days are long and nights are short, the temperature touches new heights every year. As schools as closed and children are at home, they are full of energy and want to race outdoors. However, you cannot just let them exposed to number of dangers like sunburns, bug bites, minor injuries and so on.

    If you want to protect them, it is important to follow some basic tips and give them a healthy summer break. Below are listed few essential ways to safeguard your kids. Read on:
    Breakfast is must:

    Being the most essential meal of the day, breakfast cannot be missed. Whether they get up late due to holiday or they want to run out to play, you need to assure that they are having healthy foods for their breakfast. It will not only make them summer ready but also help in the development of brain, muscles and bones.
    Sun protection:

     Children have a very sensitive skin, and the harmful sunrays can quickly burn it. Do you know most children get 20-80 percent of lifetime sun exposure before they turn 18? Hence, make sure they wear sunscreen before they head outdoors. Also instruct them to reapply the same after every two hours. You can also invest in sun-protective clothing like a hat with a brim.
    Keep them hydrated:

    In order to play and play kids often miss out of drinking water. It is here where lots of problem takes place. To combat bad, heat waves, it is essential for them to drink plenty of water. It will help keeping signs like dizziness and nausea at bay. Plus, instead of sugary drinks and carbonated beverages containing caffeine, ask them to have fresh juice to accelerate hydration.
    Water safety:

    Most of the parents enroll kids in swim lessons during summer holidays. While it is a great idea, but you have to be very careful and attentive before you send him to a pool. Book a certified instructor for them and ensure they wear proper-fitting life vest, glasses, and so on. Never allow them to swim alone.
    Bike safety:

    With bike-related injuries increasing every year, you need to take some precautions to keep your child safe. Firstly, make sure your child should always wear a helmet as this reduces the risk of head injury. Before giving them any bikes, skateboards, tricycles, or scooters, ensure that they function properly. You can explain rules for safe play such as:

    • Riding only on the sidewalk
    • Avoid riding near cars
    • No side-trips

    With these in mind you can let them stay active and have fun. Be careful, be safe!

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